About Me

Hi, my name is Kevin Bruggeman. I am a Technical Artist working at Light Field Lab Inc. My art journey has shifted from an environment artist to a technical artist when I grew an interest in procedural workflows. I am experienced in a variety of 3D software, but I enjoy spending the bulk of my time in Maya, Substance Designer, Houdini, and Unreal Engine 4.  


I received my master's in fine arts (MFA) from The Ohio State University with a focus on developing a virtual reality meditation application that utilized the user's breath to drive the experience via a real-time biofeedback loop. I had the privilege to present this application, "The Hiatus System" at SIGGRAPH in 2018.  

Currently, at Light Field Lab I create 3D art that I render out as real world, physically accurate holograms for our holographic displays using in-house developed software. The process of creating digital art for the purpose of being holograms has given me experience developing and maintaining a brand-new artist pipeline.  

I love nothing more than learning and evolving as a technical artist and experiencing new and exciting technologies. 

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