About Me

Hi, I'm Kevin Bruggeman. I am a user experience designer and 3D artist. I pride myself on creating immersive experiences. I graduated with an undergraduate degree in games and animation from Ohio University, and am currently finishing my final semester at Ohio State University, getting my Masters in Fine Arts through the college of Design. Though my thesis program I have developed a virtual reality meditation application that utilizes real time biofeedback in order to make the experience more immersive and effective. in 2018 I had the honor of presenting this project at SIGGRAPH Vancouver, and published an abstract under AMC. I currently collaborate with computer scientist, psychologists, designers, and neurologists for a pilot study testing the effectiveness of the VR application. This experience has given me the skills to be able to thrive in a collaborative environment, even if the skills of my collaborates are vastly different than my own. This opportunity has also trained me to be able to learn quickly and respond to rapid feedback and iterative changes. I am a passionate individual who is always looking towards the brink of new technological changes in the digital industry. 

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